Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium at Freegrounds Junior School  

At Freegrounds Junior School our vision is to create a safe, inspirational learning environment, with shared values, in which everyone is respected as a learner and experiences success, and where barriers to learning are identified and intervention put in place to overcome them.

Our vision is built on a culture of high expectation, a ‘can do’ approach and positive relationships, equipping all children to be lifelong learners, to go out into the wider world as happy, confident citizens who are curious and respectful.

Our aim is for all children to leave Freegrounds Junior School having achieved the highest possible standards, with a sense of pride and self-worth and well equipped to thrive in an ever changing technological world.    June 2015                                    

Our vision is that every child is given the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards. As well as academic achievement, this encompasses social, moral, spiritual and culture growth within an environment in which every member of the school is able to achieve success and fulfilment. High expectations and maximum progress and achievement for all pupils is paramount, irrespective of gender, race, culture or socio-economic background, and this is supported through the effective use of Pupil Premium funding.

Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to pupils who are one of the following: pupils looked after, pupils who are currently eligible for Free School Meals, pupils who are within a service family, those pupils who have received Free School Meals in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6’ children).

Since April 2014, Pupil Premium Plus has come into effect whereby children adopted from care, or those children who have left care under Special Guardianship order since December 2005, also now receive funds. From April 2014, the allocated money for Pupil Premium pupils is as follows: pupils looked after and those on Pupil Premium Plus receive £1900 a year, military children £300 a year and all other Pupil Premium children receive £1300 a year. Pupils with Special Educational Needs, who are also Pupil Premium pupils, will therefore receive these funds, which will be used to maximise and benefit each pupil on an individual basis bespoke to meeting their needs.


Our key ethos and aims include the following:

    • Freegrounds Junior School adopts a whole school approach with all being empowered and accountable for our Pupil Premium pupils. It is also a key focus for SLT with a shared purpose and with the Inclusion Deputy Head taking the strategic lead.
    • Regardless of any disadvantage, Freegrounds Junior School pupils will make at least expected progress and achievement will be at least in line with national expectation.
    • Pupil Premium funds will be ring fenced to directly benefit and target Pupil Premium pupils, they will be specifically tailored to meet their individual needs and the provision will include ways which are in addition to and different from other intervention programmes as required.
    • All expenditure is evaluated using key performance indicators, including attendance, attainment, progress and punctuality.
    • Pupil Premium is a key focus of teaching and learning and plays a crucial part in planning, monitoring and assessment.
    • Direct involvement by all stakeholders including governors.
    • Governors to be fully involved in the monitoring and evaluation of the Pupil Premium interventions, analysis and costings.


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